Bigger, Faster, Happier

N1 has a new design and new challenges. We are embracing speed to the fullest by improving our platform with a format of bite-sized rapid tournaments. The format is loved by players from all over the world!

Meet Happy Hours, a weekly tournament series, consisting of super-fast races. The paste is so high, you can join 15 races in 3 hours! Each race has a 8400 INR prize pool for 3 winners.

The leaderboard is based on the point strategy. It means that the key role here play multipliers and the total number of bets. The bet size doesn't matter. This suits well for the beginners, casual players, and robust high rollers as well.

Prepare to occupy the podium!

  1. Event time: 14:00-17:00 UTC;
  2. Each tournament lasts 10 minutes. Breaks between tournaments lasts 2 minutes. Bets made in break do not count;
  3. The qualifying games: all slots;
  4. Strategy: points. For every multiplier, players get points. The number of points depends on the size of the multiplier. The bigger the multiplier is, the bigger the number of points is.
    1. 3—4: 5 points;
    2. 5—14: 25 points;
    3. 15—29: 50 points;
    4. 30—49: 150 points;
    5. 50—99: 300 points;
    6. 100: 500 points;
    7. 101+: 999 points.
  5. Players get extra points for all qualifying bets made. Any bet, winning or losing, is equal to 1 point. The points are summed up. The total sum defines the position in the leaderboard.
  6. Min. bet is 40 INR or its equivalent (€0,5, 0,5 USD; 40 RUB; 5 NOK; 0,75 CAD;);
  7. Each tournament has 3 prize places: 1: 4200 INR, 2: 2500 INR, 3: 1600 INR. Money prizes have wager x5.

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