Special Daily Cashback

Up to 15% Daily

Upgradable Daily Cashback

Get a daily cashback for bets in slots and upgrade it during the day by depositing more! Spin it like you mean it today and get a cashback the next day!

The cashback starts at 3% for a minimum deposit of 20 EUR, and you can pump it up to an astonishing 15%!

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Get the cashback depending on how much you deposited yesterday

Terms and conditions

  1. The promo runs daily until the Casino withdraws it. The Casino reserves the right to withdraw or amend this promo at any time and without prior notice. This will not affect players who have already commenced wagering toward the promotion.
  2. The cashback is available once a day at 00:01 UTC for real money bets made in slot games on the previous day (loss value is greater than 10 EUR required, or it's equivalent). The cashback is counted as the percentage of the amount according to this formula: bets - wins - issued bonuses - canceled bonuses.
  3. The percent of cashback depends on the total sum deposited on the previous day:
    • 3% for 20+ EUR deposited;
    • 4% for 100+ EUR deposited;
    • 5% for 200+ EUR deposited;
    • 6% for 300+ EUR deposited;
    • 8% for 600+ EUR deposited;
    • 10% for 1,000+ EUR deposited;
    • 15% for 5,000+ EUR deposited.
  4. The maximum cashback amount is 5,000+ EUR.
  5. The wagering requirement is x5. Winnings can be wagered in slots.
  6. The claimed cashback expires 24 hours after its activation.
  7. Cashback is available only when the player’s withdrawn amount during the day does not exceed the deposited amount by more than 30 EUR.
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