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Hunting bonus:

The bonus sum is provided in installments in the form of OnlyWin freebets as the player keep making bets.

Settled bets with coefficients of 1.1 and higher, regardless if they win or lose, contribute to the sum of the next installment. The exceptions are:

  • Loses or partial wins of the Asian totals when only one of two possible outcomes win (with OnlyWin and AllWintype of bets in the bet slip);
  • canceled bets;
  • bets with cashout feature.

Once the sum of the next installment is equal to the player’s current average bet, the players gets a freebet which equals his current average bet. The amount of the received freebet is subtracted from the bonus sum, and the accumulation of the next installment starts over.

As the final freebet exhausts the bonus sum, it will be rounded in favor of the player until the next possible multiple of five. For example, if the player’s average bet is 10 EUR, but the remained bonus sum is 7 EUR, the player will receive a 10 EUR OnlyWin freebet.

Freebets are claimed through the Promotion or Home page.

Freebets expire in three days after they are claimed.

Freebets can be used only for distinct and combined bets on events with coefficients from 1.01 to 2.00 in the Sports and In-play sections.

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