The Series
of Three
Win a share of the 5,000 EUR prize pool and up to two 1,000 EUR money drops!
First Lottery. 5,000 EUR
Second Lottery. 1,000 EUR
Third Lottery. 1,000 EUR
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Terms and conditions
  1. Starting January 17 and till January 24 there are three lotteries. They are differed by the minimal amount of deposit you need to make to get a ticket and by the prize pool. The schedule is following:
    • 2023-01-17 (00:00 UTC) – 2023-01-24 (23:59 UTC). 30+ EUR deposit. 5,000 EUR for 50 winners (100 EUR per winning ticket). The draw is on 2023-01-25.
    • 2023-01-19 (00:00 UTC) – 2023-01-20 (23:59 UTC). 50+ EUR deposit. 1,000 EUR for 1 winner. The draw is on 2023-01-21.
    • 2023-01-23 (00:00 UTC) – 2023-01-24 (23:59 UTC). 50+ EUR deposit. 1,000 EUR for 1 winner. The draw is on 2023-01-25.
  2. The amount of tickets you can have is unlimited. You need to confirm the ticket purchase while you're making the deposit. Otherwise, you just make a deposit and will not become a participant. The winner gets the prize for each of his winning tickets.
  3. The wagering requirement is x5. Prizes expire in 5 days.


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